Getting out of Kansas

At a big four bank one of the staff made a revealing observation to me, “I have been here two years and I am still doing the same things and I haven’t developed at all.” Aside from disputing that you could be in an organisation for two years and have experienced no improvement the real issue for me is the mindset that ‘someone ‘ else is primarily responsible for your development.

So does that mean that your development is something you are not accountable for? Are you reading books, doing courses in your own time or just paddling along. What if ‘they ‘ don’t take time to develop you does that mean it is over for you? Twenty years ago there was a mindset that it was primarily the leadership’s responsibility to motivate and manage the morale of staff. It is still part of their role but does that mean if they don’t manage ‘your’ morale you are going to be down hearted for the duration? Manage your own morale, motivation and development and seek help from those who can assist you.
Ideally your coach/leader will be doing these things however it is a co-responsibility issue.
In your next one on one coaching session review your expectations and ask what you can expect from your coach.
The reason I like the film the Wizard of Oz is because Dorothy’s mates all demonstrated bravery, intelligence and heart and Dorothy always had the power to go home(“Just click your heels…”) but all were waiting for someone, a ‘who said’, in fact ,a fake wizard who had to hide behind a curtain,to declare them capable. Don’t wait. Take control. Your future, your choice.

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