We are in the business of partnering :

i) with individuals to assist them to become fully accountable, self directed , self motivated and to improve their well being.

ii) with leaders to enhance their leadership effectiveness and to have a constructive impact on the behaviour of others and the organisation’s culture

iii) with the organisation’s leadership team to develop a culture which will guarantee the firm’s success into the future, have an engaged staff and an environment in which people are expected and encouraged to grow and develop.

The Pacific Institute offers a range of interventions to address the challenges leaders,teams and organisations face. We prefer,following the consultation process , to design a curriculum that will meet the needs of the organisation and communicate the information in an effective way so as to increase the impact and likelyhood of imlementing sustainable change.

The core curriculum is the Investment in Leadership Excellence (IILE) which is designed specifically for leaders. This curriculum enhances the self awareness of the leader and equips them with the skills to make a constructive impact on their teams,the organisation’s culture and performance. The basic themes are:

  • Beliefs and their impact on Performance
  • Self Concept and the immunity to change
  • Developing the leader and organisation’s efficiacy and optimism
  • Correcting Behaviours in a constructive way and effective coaching
  • Constructive motivation and it’s impact on performance and engagement
  • Understanding the blocking forces to change- ‘unsticking’ the organisation
  • The Stages of Development and the building of trust
  • Our impact on culture- everything we do or say has an impact

This two to three day curriculum depending on the clients input and desired outcomes, provides the tools to enhance accountability, self awareness and the skills to change beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that maybe hindering our effectiveness. There is a heightened awareness of the impact we have on others and the skills to impact constructively.

The Investment in Personal Excellence has a similiar curriculum as it’s core foundation and is targeted at the staff level and has as it’s overriding theme the aim of assisting the individual to become independent,self directed,fully accountable and co-responsible for their their growth and decisions.

In  addition we are currently running the following interventions and processess with clients which for the leader include the LSI (lsi2), Leadership Impact, Managers Impact and  Coaching for Superior Performance.

Many organisations are also using the Coach simulation (Coach Presentation for Leader’s Guide pack disc format Sept 2) in which the leadership team are required to take over the leadership of an underperforming team and turn it’s performance and culture around. This highly interactive simulation provides the individual and team with a great insight into their personal and collective leadership styles

In  addition we are also now running for clients both in Australia and Asia the process for introducing Honest and Direct Feedback to enhance the team’s communication and maturity, the Organisational Change simulation that assesses how we are tracking in terms of our cultural change process. To support this the Pacific Institute also has a range of options availble to measure the organisations culture including the Organisation Culture Survey.

This year we have commenced the Building a Belief Based Culture of Safety, Developing A High Performance Team and the Leading Self and Others program.

The PX2 program’s focus is on young adults and  teenagers in high schools and emhasises the need to develop a strong sense of self, high efficacy and optimism, esteem and provides the skills to creatively goal set.


The above is a snapshot of some of the programs we have designed for leaders, teams and organisations wanting to improve their culture. The Pacific Institute also provide experienced one on one coaches to follow up and support the above programs. We have one on one coached over 500 leaders.