The FAST Track to Excellence

Yesterday we presented the First Australlians Standing Tall program (a version of PX2) to 30 indigenous teenagers from all over SA at Mawson Lakes, Adelaide.
The themes were that we sometimes limit ourselves by the way we think, that the self image can act like a regulator of our performance and our ability to tap into our creative processes to become more effective.
The session was a lot of fun and there were many great insights made by the largely Yr 12 students.
The program continues on back in their schools with their teacher/facilitator and next month all 70 involved in the program come back for a one day leadership session.
All students are required to present a 2000 word essay on the curriculum which made the unit on efficacy and not being intimidated doublely valuable.
A good feedback KPI was that most elected to receive both the Winners Circle email and additional information on the application of the information to improving sports performance.

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