Who is Coaching You?

As part of my role at Port Power I would coach the coaches(there was nine) most weeks. Sometimes it would be just bouncing ideas off me and at other times it would be a conversation around how to approach a particular issue in a constructive way. I personally have two people who I view as mentors. At times ,given our role, we see ourselves as a finished product or get so caught up in the activity trap that we neglect our own development. Worse , we see coaching and mentoring as part of a job description of something we do to/for others. (It is interesting that few job descriptions require us to be coached).
It is a credibility issue. Also what message are you sending by not having a coach,”I have it all together.”
If we as leaders, are growing and developing we can do a lot more for others. Lou Tice mentioned once to me that he gave a book to one of our staff who thanked him and said, “Thanks, I know some people who will really benefit from this book.” Lou replied,
“John it is for you. You spend 75 % of your time helping others and 25% on your self. I spent 25% on others and 75% on myself but I am getting more done with my 25 than you are with your 75%.”
It is a credibility issue. if we are not growing an developing personally then why should people listen to us.
What will you say when a staff member asks at the end of a coaching session, “By the way, who coaches you?”

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